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The impact of the Internet on chemical industries such as bromine

The impact of the Internet on chemical industries such as bromine

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The staff working in the Internet industry knows the Internet+. Many business owners are also trying to understand the impact of the Internet + on their own industry. In the end, what impact does the Internet + have on the chemical industry such as bromine?
Let’s first take a look at the Internet+. This is the first time that Premier Li Keqiang presented the “Internet +” reality in his government work report for the first time in his government work report at the Third Session of the 12th National People’s Congress on March 5, 2015. The above is the new form and new format of Internet development under Innovation 2.0, which is the evolution of Internet form driven by knowledge society innovation 2.0. With the advent of the knowledge society, it is not just the ubiquitous network that drives today's social transformation, but also ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous data, and ubiquitous knowledge. "Internet +" is not only the Internet has moved, widely used, applied to a traditional industry, but also added ubiquitous computing, data, knowledge, and created ubiquitous innovation.
The enterprise's understanding is that it can follow the Internet sales model and sell its own products. This is a brand-new sales model. Many products in the industry are sold on the Internet and have achieved good results.
Our company's manufacture of bromine, bromine belongs to the industry, an important chemical raw material. The previous sales mode of bromine is that the manufacturer dispatches sales personnel to promote the local business. The cost is not only large, but also can not accurately find the target customer, sales The development is very unsuccessful. Now, following the Internet platform, our company will display its products on the Internet for display, so that customers in need can contact us directly, so that the production enterprises can become passive and active. Such sales can be better. Grasping customers, timely tracking, and the number of business transactions has increased significantly.
Internet + has a positive impact on the sales of our company's bromine products. Therefore, our company sells and promotes this link, and uses its advantages in the Internet to sell its high-quality products to all parts of the country.
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